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Corporate Relocation

Corporate relocation is a completely different aspect of moving, which requires skilled planning and resource development. Moving a business to a different location is just one challenge; relocating employees is another. We realize that during corporate relocation you are not just moving your employees. You are moving their whole life from one location to another. Corporate relocation entails many things associated with it, which you need to handle tactfully. The transition can affect the employees extensively therefore, our job is to make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible. Your employees can maintain a high level of productivity during the move.

The corporate relocation services at MySpeedyMovers include trained and experienced individuals that will deal with your relocation. They will manage your human resources, evaluate the cost of living in the relocated destination, and deal with the transit period. Moreover, they will administer and minimize the cost. Our policy is simple, everything we do is about you and all moves and planning revolve around your needs.


Outsourcing corporate relocation to a company like us comes with its benefits. They are:

  • Better management of the relocation
  • Quality control
  • Quick adaptation to the new location
  • Eased out fluctuations of seasonal staffing
  • Minimize cost
  • Provide all support for relocating employees through a single point of contact i.e. your personal counselor.
  • Employee productivity expertise
  • Coordination through regional service centers



We understand that all corporate clients are different and have a unique set of requirements. Therefore, we make sure that we deal with all of them separately. All clients get
a corporate moving counselor assigned to them at the beginning of the job, so you will be in direct contact with them throughout your relocation process. The counselor serves as
a bridge of communication between us and they make sure that we meet all your distinct instructions and needs

Moving a single person or an entire corporate setup can be time-consuming and complicated. We have access to one of the largest moving networks and the services offered are:

  • Packing services
  • Long and short term storage service
  • Crating fragile and glass items
  • Preparation for all transport
  • Delivery of materials
  • Transit issues and cars
  • Maid service
  • Handymen and errand boys
  • Parking permits
  • Furniture craning and installation
  • Cost of life analysis
  • Unpacking
  • Debris collection
Managing a local corporate relocation can be costly and hiring someone inexperienced can be messy. You can get all your local and in-house relocation services streamlined by hiring our expert professionals. We drive the overall cost of relocation down without compromising on quality and employee satisfaction. What makes us different from all other services in the market is that the design of all our services fit your organizational goals.


Global corporate relocation offers a unique set of challenges that we are well equipped to take head on. We offer a wide range of global facilities that include employee cultural training and different methods of ensuring reduced costs. We have a competitive benchmark and a consultative approach towards our clients.


Our Process

Our Process

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sara-k Corporate Relocation


They were polite and had excellent work ethics. The delivery was smooth and on time, no fuss. The prices are very reasonable too.<

100% recomended

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Ashburn, Virgina

Moving and storing my precious artwork and antiques in the Virginian weather seemed impossible until I found MySpeedyMovers. Great storage and moving services!<

100% recomended