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Junk Removal

Junk Problems? We will Help!

Junk problems affect everyone. You can get speedy junk removal without any hassle. Over time, belongings that you hardly use can occupy space unnecessarily. Ignoring the problem means letting the junk accumulate and limiting available space. The sooner you get help the better. When you decide to clear out your home or office space, you can count on us to help haul the junk away. Call us!

Many people use their basements as a dump where they pile family belongings from previous generations. They hardly realize the crisis they are creating until there is no room for more. When you finally decide to empty the basement, you will find all kinds of waste. Some are harmful or toxic while others are recyclable or reusable. However, handling the mountain of junk is not something everyone can handle. This is why; we as professionals, experienced in handling junk problems are here to help.

Safe and Instant Junk Removal
Getting rid of junk involves some caution. Involving professionals is necessary because sometimes, unwanted items may have toxic effects. They require special handling and removal services. It is not something anyone can do, without exposing himself or herself to risk. Our skilled professionals remove those unwanted harmful items and separate toxic wastes from recyclable ones.

To ensure safety if we detect toxic or hazardous wastes during junk removal, we use special protective gadgets and take necessary measures. We always keep the safety of our customers at number one priority. If the need arises, we inform our customers about likely hazards in case of major hazards. We inform you if there is the need to take extra caution to keep your loved ones safe.

Recycling, Donations, and Removal
Junk removal was never this easy or convenient. We are a large network of junk removing professionals. Our team operates in various Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. We send items like clothing, furniture, kitchen utensils, and others to charitable organizations to prevent wastage. MySpeedyMovers promotes a green and conservative way of life to preserve natural resources.

If you have old machines or electrical gadgets that are in working condition, then we can separate those and send them to agencies that can use them. We do not let anything go to waste. Our team will ask you to make sure that the devices you dispose of do not have any sensitive personal data before we remove them from your site.

Is Junk Removal Costly?
If you have concerns about the cost implications of junk removal, you need to know that there is no need to worry. Our rates are extremely affordable. We provide an estimate of the cost the entire project will be worth before we begin junk removal. Our estimates are transparent and once we commit to a price, we do not add additional charges. If you request for other services, then we will let you know what additional cost implications will come with those additional services.

MySpeedyMovers is famous in these localities because we are genuine, licensed, and very professional. We take our commitments seriously and deliver exactly what we promise. Moreover, our price quote is a free service. If you do not like what we estimate, you can opt out of the order without any cost.

Our Process

Our Process

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sara-k Junk Removal


They were polite and had excellent work ethics. The delivery was smooth and on time, no fuss. The prices are very reasonable too.<

100% recomended

client_discription_2 Junk Removal

Ashburn, Virgina

Moving and storing my precious artwork and antiques in the Virginian weather seemed impossible until I found MySpeedyMovers. Great storage and moving services!<

100% recomended