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Storage Solution

We are not just movers; we are a dual package. We offer the most convenient and safe storage solutions for our customers. At the same time, when you store your things with us, it comes with the same guarantee of safety and security of all your belongings. Every time you move there can be many things that you may not need or that you do not want to take with you. There are better things to do with those things than to let them deterioration. You can use our storage spaces to keep them for as long as you like and we will keep them safe.

We maintain our storage facilities at ideal environmental conditions while abiding with a quality criterion, which is:

  • Safe and fool proof locks
  • Alarm systems that work 24/7 as a guarding service
  • Uniform ventilation
  • Standard humidity treatment
  • Means to keep rats and other rodents and pests outside
  • Fireproofing

We provide storage for your goods in secure warehouses. We use modern day surveillance cameras and watch your items all the time through security cameras. We are proud to say that our security has an outstanding record.


Our storage facilities have certain unique features, which include:

  • All our storage facilities are clean.
  • We are always open. Seven days a week.
  • 24-hour access available
  • You can make payments online
  • Climate control available
If you have to keep furniture or other valuable stuff in storage and you need us to pack it for you, you can be sure that we will deliver the same quality packaging as we do for moving.

We pack the furniture in cartons and further wrap them to maximize protection during storage.  We take extra care of small items like DVDs or glass items, by packing them separately into boxes so that they do not break by any chance.

You should have no ounce of doubt the safety of all your items packed because we use the same high-quality packaging everywhere. If you do not wish to take our storage packaging services, we have all the necessary storage supplies available. You can use all the boxes, tape, and packing supplies that you need to do it yourself.

We have a unique labeling and marking system in the storage and all containers have a unique serial number on them. Our well-developed system is as convenient as it gets. The management of the facility is extremely well defined and we list all the items in storage, from a refrigerator to a hairpin. You do not have to worry about anything ever getting lost because we only have to look for the storage container serial number to find out exactly where it is.


Our Process

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what our customer say about us

sara-k Storage Solution


They were polite and had excellent work ethics. The delivery was smooth and on time, no fuss. The prices are very reasonable too.

100% recommended

client_discription_2 Storage Solution


Moving and storing my precious artwork and antiques in the Virginian weather seemed impossible until I found MySpeedyMovers. Great storage and moving services!

100% recommended